The Mohns | Wedding

Let me start off by stating the obvious. Courtney is THE sweetest, most caring and genuine person ever. Really. This girl always has a compliment, has such an infectious laugh, and has excellent decorating sense in her adorable new home! It was only fitting that she would find the best match: Cody. As if you couldn’t find a sweeter person, in walks Cody. His dreamy smile and the love twinkling in his eyes for her are the real deal.

When Courtney came to me last year and asked me to shoot her wedding, I was totally up front: I never planned to be a wedding photographer. I was so nervous. But I agreed, because hello, she’s Courtney! That charming southern South Hill girl can convince you to do anything. Let me tell you, I’m so glad I agreed. I had the absolute time of my life at her wedding, and both sets of their parents were just amazing. I truly felt like part of their family. I snuck Courtney and Cody out at the rehearsal for some quick shots, and had the hardest time choosing my favorites to post here from the wedding. No clouds or rain could ever dampen this family’s day. I know every bride would relive her wedding day forever, but I would love to relive hers 😉 I mean, it was at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. How can you top that?! Love and miss you two!

Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer


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