The Beginnings of a Blog

Happy Monday, everyone! After a mini hiatus for some rejuvenation and business housekeeping, I have decided to start blogging my sessions! If you follow me on then you have noticed I have been building up my feed, tailoring my images more to my vision I’ve had in my head all along. I have been taking countless hours of education online to better my skills, and bring you all high quality images that will not only last a lifetime, but remind you of exactly that moment in time. When your kids were little, or when you first started your journey together. I want to be there with you, capturing those precious moments.
Because of this, I have invested every penny I have earned this year back into the business. My equipment has been upgraded with a massively awesome DSLR that will take higher quality photos in lowlight (hello, weddings!), new lenses (you know I love a good prime, so I have upgraded those too!) and extra doodads that you’ll never even notice, but will help tremendously with making sure no moment is missed!
Education is SO important in every aspect in life. Photography included. When I began this journey, I had no idea how much more there was to learn about taking a photo. On the outside it’s “point and shoot,” but to put your vision in print, it requires SO MUCH MORE! These last few months I have been taking courses online and applying my new skills to my photos. I’m so excited about all I have learned, and have a fire burning to go even further! I follow all of my favorite photographers, and love waiting for them to release their blog posts with their favorites from their sessions. I’m hoping my clients and viewers all have the same want, because I’m excited to start blogging!
With all of that said, every June I adjust my photography offerings, including prices. I know, pricing out photographers is daunting. So I continue to keep my prices affordable, while still offering top quality images and a fun in person experience.

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